5 European Cities Famous for Their Canals

Besides the historical and cultural values of some cities, human-made or naturally formed beauties do not fall from languages. At the beginning of these beauties are the channels that divide the cities into pieces and create a different atmosphere. The channels of some cities are identified with that city and have a worldwide reputation.

Even one of the most enjoyable and instructive ways to visit these cities is to participate in canal tours. Completing the texture of the cities and adding meaning to the cities, these works manage to attract the attention of the travelers at all times.

In this article, we will tell you about the cities famous for their channels and we will tell you about the stops you need to visit when you travel abroad. If you are ready, let’s start our travel guide and list the 5 cities you need to channel.

1. Venice: City of Channels and Masks

Venice, located in the northeast of Italy, is a city that seems to have skyrocketed with its 117 islands and 400 bridges, large and small. The lagoon, which was formed under the influence of the waves for many years, created the region of canals that form the photographic squares of the city. Many of the buildings in this region are on the UNESCO World Heritage List.

Venice, which is considered as one of the biggest commercial powers among European cities, especially in the Middle Ages and New Ages, also contributed to the Renaissance. The city, which hosts many artists, has gained a significant amount of art. For this reason, there are many structures and works of art to be seen in the city. If you haven’t been to Venice built on canals before, hit the roads and fill the romance with a gondola tour.

Venice, located on the Adriatic coast, is a city where fishery and sea trade have been influential throughout history due to its geographical location. Fishing, maritime trade and tourism are among the most important sources of livelihood in the city, which was founded during the Roman Empire.

2. Paris: The City of Romanticism

Established on the banks of the River Seine, Paris is the favorite of the world and it is a city that smells romance. Having a say in fields such as literature, painting, cinema and philosophy, Paris is a legend also known as the “City of Lights”.

The city where passion and strong emotions are felt in every corner; It is a breathtaking stop with its world-historical buildings such as Şanzelize Boulevard, Eiffel Tower, Louvre Museum, Palace of Versailles and Notre Dame Cathedral.

Paris, one of the most visited cities in the world; It is a location that adorns every traveler’s dream with its magnificent structures, museums where you can get enough of art, bohemian cafes and parks where you can fill peacefully.Considered one of the world capitals of fashion, art and cultural life, Paris awaits you with its canals and the banks of the River Seine. Get ready to be part of a dream!

3. Amsterdam: City of Freedoms

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is one of the most popular and attractive stops in Europe. Dating back to the 13th century, the city was originally established as a commercial city.

Established on the banks of the Amstel River, Amsterdam is an iconic city with its red brick aesthetic houses and expanding canals. The city, where millions of travelers visit every year; clean streets, colorful nightlife, inspiring museums and exquisite flower markets.

Amsterdam, which has always been included in the ”Places to Visit” lists, has turned into one of the most important port cities in the world in the 17th century. Most of the canals in the city were organized during this period.

Although Amsterdam is one of the smallest capitals in the world, it shines as a tourism, culture-art and economy center. Amsterdam, one of the most pleasant stops in Europe, has everything a city has to offer. Don’t waste any more time and have fun!

4. Cologne: A Long History

Founded in 38 BC by the Romans, Cologne is one of the most visited cities in Germany. Also known as ”Cologne”, the city is famous for its medieval architecture and texture. Cologne Cathedral, one of the iconic buildings of medieval architecture, is one of the symbols of the city.

Resembling an open-air museum, Cologne; It attracts attention with its Roman walls, historical churches and avant-garde structures. The city, which is located in the west of Germany, has a very lively and colorful appearance especially in the “Weihnachten”, that is, during the Christmas period.

Cologne, where the Rhine River is divided into two, stands out as the largest city in the state of Westphalia. The city, which is in an important place in terms of geographical location; a center where science, art and trade intersect. The rivers and canals that increase the beauty of the city are also at the center of attention of many tourists.

5. Copenhagen: Full of Happiness

Founded on more than 400 islands and the capital of Denmark, Copenhagen is located in the east of Sjaelland Island. Copenhagen, the most populous city in Denmark, is thought to mean “trade port” or “merchant port” in old Danish.

In Denmark, which has always been selected as the “happiest country in the world” in the researches, the level of welfare is quite high and the quality of life is directly proportional to this. That’s why we recommend that you do a good research and plan your budget correctly before you go to Copenhagen.

Copenhagen, which is a city that travelers are curious about with its nightlife and eating and drinking culture, also has a historical texture. Bear in mind: The Little Mermaid Statue, Nyhavn (New Harbor) and the “alternative” settlement Christiania Autonomous Region are among the most important places to see in Copenhagen. When you come here, bicycles, unique colorful streets and happy people will meet you; be ready!

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