What Travelers Should Know About Coronavirus

What Travelers Should Know

The coronavirus comes with a mass cancellation of flights and businesses, as new cases are diagnosed worldwide every day. The meaning of the outbreak for your travel plans and what you need to do to stay safe and healthy.

  • Coronavirus: What are your travel rights?

After the coronavirus epidemic, thousands of flights were canceled by airline companies as fewer people chose to travel abroad or were able to do so.

Hospitality industry ‘faces thousands of closings’ The hospitality industry warned that new government restrictions around the coronavirus could shut down firms.

  • Expedition line in Airlines that hit Coronavirus

Travel restrictions have forced airlines to remove personnel, and as a result of the pandemic coronavirus, the demand collapsed and cut more flights.

  • Coronavirus: how to improve your mental health

Coronavirus has led the world into uncertainty, and constant news about the pandemic can feel brutal. All this negatively affects the mental health of people living with conditions such as anxiety and OCD. So how can we protect our mental health?

  • How long does coronavirus last on surfaces?

    We can get Covid-19 by touching surfaces contaminated with the new coronavirus, but how long the virus can survive outside the human body is yet to be understood.

Inspiration Sounds from Around the World

While people around the world are practicing social distance and isolation in the midst of the coronavirus crisis, many are connected and show inspiring acts of solidarity, connection and generosity that are deeply echoing around the world.

Italians sing through their windows to increase morale
A nationwide crash due to the coronavirus did not prevent the Italians from turning into a mood-boosting song at a nationwide flashmob event.

Canadians to ‘caremongering’ trend
The word “caremongering” did not exist on Friday morning, March 13th. But what started as just a way to help vulnerable people in Toronto just three days later turned into a rapidly spreading movement across Canada.

Coronavirus courtesy: Offering help when spreading virus
People stories of people emptying Supermarket shelves or discussing on pasta packages can draw a bleak picture of the coronavirus outbreak. But there are also acts of kindness that inspire thousands of people.

Vietnam’s hand-washing song is becoming global
All officials around the world are trying to break the message that we must wash our hands to protect against the spread of the new coronavirus. In Vietnam, they prepared a music video with a dance challenge – the melody took the country by storm and has been globalized ever since.

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