7 Things You Must Do To Miss The Aircraft

Aviation is one of the most sensitive sectors. Unfortunately, today, many people, many strange methods to miss the plane; in case of hijacking or risk, it applies to actions that put airport personnel in a difficult position. When you plan yourself taking into account the traffic and weather conditions of your location and the airport features you will fly to

, you can gain flexibility against extraordinary situations and reach the flight and avoid unnecessary tension before traveling. Here’s what you need to do not to miss the plane:

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1. Go Early to Airport

The reason behind most cases of hijacking is the lack of timely access to the airport. Be sure to decide how you want to get to the airport before your flight, if you are driving by car, determine your route and the traffic situation here. Plan for your domestic or international flights and be there early. Be at the airport at least three hours for overseas flights as much as possible, and at least two hours for domestic flights so that you do not have any problems and you have the flexibility to time for potential problems.

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2. Check-in Online

The online check-in before the flight will save you considerable time. If you don’t have a suitcase, you don’t have to wait a long time for the seat number. Thanks to the online check-in, you can choose the seat you want and make good use of your time at the airport. Place your belongings in your luggage by calculating your luggage weight right in the direction you will go. Don’t waste your time having to unpack at check-in.

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3. Check Flight Information Screens

Airport gates may change at some times. Waiting at the wrong gate can cause you to miss the plane. Sometimes even the flight gate on your ticket changes. Therefore, you can check the accuracy of your flight gate from the spreadsheets hanging in different places at the airport at regular intervals.

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4. Pay Attention to Passport and Identity

Arrived at the airport on time, the officer at the counter asked for your ID or passport. You put your hand in your pocket / purse. Passport is not where it should be. It is possible that you may remember that you took your ID card or passport with you. That’s why it’s worth checking twice.

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5. Don’t Forget to Get Mortar Stamps

Please note that when traveling abroad, you will give the passport stamp to the passport officer when you pass the passport check. If you do not have a mortar stamp, you may have to leave the passport and take the mortar stamp again. Considering that the airport is busy, this situation will cause a serious waste of time.

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6. Don’t Linger At The Airport Watch Out For Announcements

Online check-in was done, baggage was delivered to the airport, boarding pass was received, even security check was passed. But then sit down and chat on the phone or go shopping. You should pay attention to announcements made at the airport. Because the next time you missed the plane.

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7. Pay Attention to Security Practices

Especially in recent years, serious security rules are applied in many airports around the world. Do not store any items in your handbag or luggage that may be objectionable for flight. Security experts may ask you to open your suitcase, even in the smallest incident they suspect. In particular, your computer, tablet, electronic books, such as vehicles running in a bag or suitcase, put it in an eye can be removed immediately. Any time you lose here can cause you to miss the plane.

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