7 Countries That Must See For Winter Lovers


While most of us dream of a vacation, we dream of warm countries filled with sea, sand, and sun. But there are so many winter wonder countries in the world, and many of them are worth seeing. Let’s take a look at these 7 beautiful snowy countries that enchant us with the white beauty of winter.

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1. United States

This natural wonder of Lake Tahoe, where some scenes of God Father 2 were shot, fascinates us with its silence and unique beauty. The lake is 30 minutes from the state capital of Nevada, Carson City, and about two hours from Sacramento, the capital of California. This lake, which offers skiing, snowboarding, swimming, hiking, and camping activities, is also available on boat tours. There are also some activities in this lake. You can attend the Grand Tree Lighting Ceremony and take part in Gingerbread village walks.

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2. Iceland

With geothermal pools, hot springs, northern lights, whale watching, and splendid national parks, Iceland is a less known destination for explorers. Ice climbing and glacier hiking are very popular during the snowy months. Iceland’s stunning Northwest corner, known as the Westfjords, is the perfect area for unspoiled wildlife and exploration.

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3. Switzerland

Home to the Avoriaz ski resort, which is ideal for beginners to ski, this country is a great place for a winter holiday. The most striking feature of this area is that there is no entrance by vehicle. Transportation is provided by horse carriage. It is the right address for those who want to take a winter vacation and be interested in winter sports far from technology.

Besides that, at St. Moritz, you can paddle on the lake with the same name, and watch the reflection of the moonlight on the land while skating at night on its tracks, which is one of the rare places that allow it to slide at night.

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4. Canada

Canada has winter activities and many winter holiday destinations, but the best place for a vacation in Banff National Park. This park is included in the UNESCO World Heritage list. People can attend the winter festival that takes place here as a family. People who come here can ride mountain bikes and walk around the glaciers and lakes. There are also ice skating rinks and hot springs in the area. It is possible to see professional skiers in this place, which also has 3 large ski centers.

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5. Norway

With excellent conditions for skiing, Norway is a perfect stopping point for the winter holidays. In addition, the Christmas Market in Oslo, the Gingerbread City in Bergen, the Northern Lights Festival in Tromso, and the Polar Jazz music festival in Svalbard are among the top destinations for fun winter events. You can go sled with a reindeer and enjoy the winter.

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6. Sweden

Sweden is one of the most must-see destinations among many winter vacation countries. You can go on safari with reindeer in this natural wonder and if you want to live the winter fully, you can stay in Igloos made of ice. One of the places where the northern lights can be seen is this country.

You can meet the beauty of these lights by camping in Abisko National Park located in the north of the country. After doing all this, you can see the cobblestone streets and ocher-colored buildings of the country’s capital Stockholm, the 13th-century Storkyrkan Cathedral, the Kungliga Slottet Royal Palace, etc. you can visit.

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7. Russia

It takes courage to go to Russia in winter, which is known for its famous cold even in summer. But we can say that the winter of this country is also different. In January the Russian Orthodox Church celebrates Christmas with a big celebration here. After participating in this celebration in Moscow, St. You can go to St. Petersburg, join ice skating groups and visit the mystical Winter Palace located here. You can watch the Nutcracker ballet at the Mariinsky Theater.

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