5 Practical Ways to Prepare Suitcases

The most important detail of holiday preparation; Suitcase preparation! Every decision you make is very important. Preparing suitcases seem to be a difficult job, but not at all. You can do this in a few easy steps.

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1. First, determine your suitcase preference

When choosing suitcases, it is very important which vehicle to travel to and where you will stay. For example, the suitcases to be selected by someone going by plane and the hitch-hiking passengers cannot be the same. But in general, it is very important that the suitcase you choose does not slow you down on your journeys.

Also, the exterior is covered with a hard material so that you can put it anywhere comfortably. Your suitcase must be wheeled.

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2. Make a detailed list

It is always good to write everything from A to Z. It also makes it easy to eliminate unnecessary items. Take a walk around the house and list what you really need. After creating the final version, collect your belongings in the same place.

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3. Using a small zippered bag

In addition to cosmetics, stowing your medicines in the suitcase with small zippered bags keeps them clean and together.

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4. Suitcase weight

Perhaps the most important thing to consider when preparing your suitcase is its weight. If it is too heavy for you to carry

, you may have to pay excess baggage fees, and climbing up the stairs can turn into a complete grind. For this reason, it is useful to keep the suitcase as light as possible.

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5. Trying the “KonMari” folding method

Thanks to this method, which is also used in suitcases after cabinets, you can both save space and find what you are looking for easily and without moving everything since you do not place your clothes one after the other.

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