5 Great Reasons To Discover Puglia

Wherever you go to the Mediterranean country of Italy, which consists of 20 autonomous regions, it is possible to encounter a different story with a different beauty.Puglia is a region in the southern part of Italy. It is known for its magnificent beaches, much more delicious cuisine and natural people than Northern Italy.

A popular destination, Puglia is for you if you want a warm trip to Italy, great flavors and cute cities with character to decorate your dreams. Bari, the capital of the Puglia region, and the routes of Puglia in general, are created as villages that are visited while going south from Bari. Both wines and olives are very famous for Puglia, where fishing and agriculture are also very common.

1. For Its Magnificent Nature and Historical Texture

The Puglia region, which is exactly at the point of transition to the eastern countries of the Mediterranean, is a region that blends its thousands of years of history with modern and aesthetic art movements and does not allow the time passed by this method to wear down the historical texture. In addition to this, the region can be described as a paradise on earth, independent of all artificial activities, with its location in the middle of the Ionian Sea and the Adriatic, having a magnificent 800 km long coastline and its geography consisting of many high hills full of greenery.

2. To See Artistic and Cultural Heritage

The historical richness of the Puglia region, which has 3 site areas recognized by UNESCO, has caused both the blending and development of numerous cultures and the formation of a very unique architectural integrity. Discovering the enigmatic del Monte Castle, the Alberobello, where the original settlements called Trulli, and the magnificent Lombard Temple in Sant Angelo are just a few activities that can be done to touch the historical beauties that integrate with traditions in Puglia.

3. To Enjoy Unique Mediterranean Cuisine and Fine Wines

The works of Italian cuisine, famous for its pizza and pasta, are not just these two. The real legend is hidden in the magic details of the Mediterranean cuisine. The people of Puglia, who carry the wide variety of seafood to the table with hundreds of different variations, are very generous in sharing these tastes with travelers exploring the geography. The wines from the Gargano to Tavoliere, from Bari to Salento, to the Puglia region serve as a reference to the Mediterranean cuisine with their special certificates.

4. To Do Nature and Marine Sports

Enjoying the sea, the sand and the sun along the fascinating and clean beaches, the thing that provokes the visitors of Puglia to go one step further is the lush hills rising right next to the beaches. If you are in Puglia on a summer day, you can give your back to the wind blowing between the Adriatic and Ionian sea, and approach the ancient bays and towns with sailboats, and explore the civilization under the water by snorkeling and scuba diving in these virgin bays. Among the activities you will do is to enjoy a long trekking among the olive trees of the century, a pleasant cycling tour, game play in 18 pits and certified golf courses in total.

5. Enjoy Discovering Great Similarities

There are such places in the Puglia region that there is no description of the surprise that you will experience when you see it. We are not talking about similarities such as lifestyle, warmth and hospitality. What we’re talking about is we’re talking about Trulli, who are in Alberobello, who got their name from their circular plan. There is no doubt that you will feel at home as you walk around the vineyards and olive groves that have 1,400 Trulli and extend to the eye.

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