15 Simple Tips For Quickly Preparing Suitcase

The most important detail of holiday preparation; Suitcase preparation! Every decision is very important. Preparing suitcases seems to be a difficult job, but not at all. With a few steps to follow, it’s possible to get it done in the most practical way.

1. Save time by choosing your choice of clothing.

2. If you squeeze your favorite perfumes into thin paper and place them at the bottom of the suitcase, an endless feeling of cleanliness will accompany you along the way.

3. You can save space by putting socks or other items of suitable size in your shoes.

4. All you need is pipettes for those who want to be more cautious and don’t mix your necklaces.

5. You will save a lot of space by making rolls instead of folding your clothes.

6. If your baby is going to accompany you, you can separate the clothes according to the days they will wear them with locked bags.

7. You can use your place frugally by filling the inside of your hat in the suitcase and you can maintain the form of the hat.

8. Overshoes are required for the shoes you will put in the suitcase.

9. It is possible to use empty glasses cases for all the cables and makeup brushes you need.

10. Fight wrinkles using garment bags used by dry cleaners for special fabrics!

 11. Keep the shirt collar empty. Belts are right there

12. Make sure you can put some cotton under the covers to prevent your makeup breakage.

13. Reduce the risk of breakage by placing perfume bottles in socks.

14. You can place nylon or stretch film under the covers to prevent leakage and spillage of liquid products.

15. If you cannot bear the possibility of spilling liquid products, use locked bags.

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